Message of President
Principal Dr. S. K. Tripathi
MD, DM - Clinical Pharmacology

As the human existence is challenged by incomprehensible diseases and ailments, through clinical research we attempt to reach the core of scientific processes to unearth their remedy.

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome all clinical researchers at the platform of Clinical Research Board. Our organization is committed to undertake social, educational and health related work to raise the understanding of clinical research in the society and to promote clinical research in ethical manner for discovery, development and regulation of safe and cost effective methods for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of illnesses.

At Clinical Research Board we will continue to push forward, to break new boundaries and to seize emerging opportunities in the field clinical research.

With the wishes of bright future in the exciting field of clinical research.

Dr. S. K. Tripathi
President, Clinical Research Board
Professor & Head, Department of Clinical & Experimental Pharmacology, School of Tropical Medicine, Kolkata, India
Secretary, Clinical Pharmacology Section, Indian Pharmacological Society