Governing Bodies

CRB is governed by an elected Executive council appointed by Board of trustees. The Executive council is decision making body in CRB. and consist of eminent peoples who has made significant contribution in the field of clinical research during their life time.

Executive Council:
  • Dr. Wang Li  MD, PhD
    Professor & Chairman
    Academic Committee of TDMCT Centre
    Perking University China
  • Dr. K. D. Tripathi  MD
    Ex. Director Professor & Head of Pharmacology
    Maulana Azad Medical College and associated G. B. Pant Hospital
    New Delhi
  • Dr Kohkan Shamsi  MBBS, MD, PhD
    Cheif Executive Officer, Acunova Life Sciences, NJ USA
    President, Symbiotic Pharma Research, NJ USA
    Principal, RadMD, PA USA
Governing Council:
  • President
    Dr. S. K. Tripathi  MD, DM - Clinical Pharmacology
    Professor & Head, Department of Pharmacology
    Burdwan Medical College
    West Bengal, India
  • Secretary
    Dr. Maria Virkki  MD, PhD
    National Agency of Medicines
    Helsinki, Finland
  • Treasurer/CFO
    Dr. S. T. Alvi  MBBS Dip Sonography
    Clinical Advisor
    Consultant Sonologist Al Meraj Diagnostics
Membership Scrutiny Council:
  • Dr. Amin Mir  MS-Surgery, MSc-Clinical Research
    Venus Remedies Chandigarh
Academic Council:
  • Dr. Stuart McLeod  MD, PhD, FRCPC
    University of British Columbia
    Vancouver, Canada
  • Dr. Y. K. Gupta  MD
    Professor & Head
    Department of Pharmacology
    AIIMS, New Delhi
  • Dr. Bikash Medhi  MD, at AIIMS
    Department of Pharmacology
    PG Institute of Medical Education & Research
  • Dr. Farhan Ahmad Khan MD
    Department of Pharmacology
    Teerthanker Mahaveer Medical College and Research Centre Moradabad
  • Dr. C. M. Kamaal  MD, DCH
    Asst. Professor, Department of Pharmacology, SMMH Medical College Saharanpur
    Director, Al-Meraj Hospital Saharanpur UP
    Ex. Director, Clinical Research Programme, Sharda University, Gr. Noida
    Ex. Clinical Research Physician, Manipal Acunova, Bangalore
Editorial Council:
  • Editor
    Dr. Dinesh K. Badyal  MD, DIP - Clinical Research
    Professor & Head, Department of Pharmacology
    Christian Medical College and Hospital
  • Joint Editor
    H. I. Abdul Razack  BPharm, MBA
    Project Director
    Pharmascope Foundation
    W. Madurai, Tamilnadu
Technical Support Council:
  • Mohd Arshad  BTech(CSE), MBA
    Chief Executive Officer
    Cherisys Technologies, India
  • Zeeshan Ahmad  BSc, MCA
    Sr. Programmer
    Cherisys Technologies, India
  • M. Shadab Siddiqui  BCA, MCA
    Designer / Programmer
    Cherisys Technologies, India